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I graduated from LSU with a BFA in Studio Art/Graphic Design. (I also earned myself a minor in Art History, which mostly comes in handy when my mother-in-law is doing crossword puzzles, but it's an accomplishment nonetheless.) I spent 5 years exploring two of my passions and the difference between art and design: design has to work.

I learned a ton about the complexity of stratgeic marketing and knowing your audience. My favorite thing about being a designer is using my creativity to solve problems. I also use my creativity for fun.

Thanks for having a look at my work. Feel free to let me know what you think or just say hello!

• Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA
• Married my high school sweetheart
• Mother to a paddle-boarding fur-baby named Roux
• Nut butter enthusiast
• Loves to entertain, but has been known to
burn the bread
• Brakes for squirrels
• Type nerd
• Can’t live without my Sonicare toothbrush
• Would love a bikes-only city
• Obsessive listmaker
• Infinitely curious